Zarhym revealed the Destruction of Theramore will chronologically happen before the Mists of Pandaria expansion, and fuels up the war between the Horde and the Alliance.

Considering Christie Golden’s upcoming novel is based on Jaina Proudmoore as a central figure, and that Chris Metzen hinted, at San Diego Comic Con, there would be life-changing events for Jaina — we’ll likely experience some of the events that lead to Theramore’s destruction both in-game and via the novel.

It’s undetermined if Theramore will be destroyed in patch 4.3, 4.3.x or via pre-Mists of Pandaria launch World Event patch.

Attacking Theramore is the best strategy Garrosh the schemer can think of in his effort to wipe the Alliance off the face of Kalimdor. It is the Alliance’s main and direct supply port geographically considering how far Teldrassil is from Stormwind.

However, the repercussions here will be far more than meets the eye.

1. What’s Baine Bloodhoof’s reaction to the destruction of Theramore?

As you may have read in the pages of World of Warcraft: The Shattering, when the Grimtotem coup Thunderbluff it was Jaina Proudmoore and Prince Anduin who indirectly supported Baine’s cause to retake Thunderbluff from the Grimtotem with untraceable resources.

Of course, it wasn’t cool that later Theramore supported the very Alliance invasion into the Barrens and the attempt to enter Mulgore, yet I’d imagine Baine wouldn’t be happy with Garrosh for dishonoring his debt with Jaina so.

2. What’s Thrall’s reactions going to be when he learns Jaina’s life might have been in jeopardy, and all he worked for so long has been shattered?

I seriously don’t see Thrall supporting Garrosh on this one. Thrall will be furious against Garrosh. Thrall lost Taretha, Grom, Drek’Thar and Cairne. His best friends. Drek’Thar is alive, but his aging and recent visions of the Shattering have affected his mind.

Attempting against the life of Jaina is something Thrall won’t ever forgive. Will Thrall be cornered to take a drastic decision? As Jaina sacrificed her father Admiral Proudmoore, could Thrall sacrifice the life of his best friend’s son? Ain’t that an interesting one?

Zarhym: Because chronology matters? Other than stating that Mists of Pandaria will focus much more on the fight between the Horde and the Alliance, we haven’t detailed any specific story elements of that fight. The attack on Theramore is an event which will take place prior to the release of the new expansion to aggressively advance the war between the factions following Deathwing’s death, further highlighting what Garrosh’s motivations are in contrast to Varian’s.

Garrosh wants the Horde to control all of Kalimdor. His attacks thus far have been toward that end, but Theramore remains a major port town and supply line for the Alliance. It’s an obvious strategic move for a power-hungry and prideful ruler such as Garrosh to seize Theramore. If you don’t think there will be repercussions for that in an expansion largely based on the fight between the Horde and Alliance in post-Cataclysm Azeroth, you’re probably focusing way too much on being unable to draw direct and equivalent plays for dominance and time in the limelight between the Horde and Alliance — and calling “foul” on our part for not making sure every release under the Warcraft name has linear, equal advancement for two vastly different factions.

This is honestly an odd and difficult conversation to have about Theramore right now. It’d be like reading Lord of the Rings up to the point where Gandalf gets trapped atop Orthanc, stopping there, hearing from someone that he later falls to his death fighting a balrog, then complaining that his character could’ve been developed so much better before the story ended. — source