The Well of Eternity dungeon has a lot of lore moments with key characters. After dispatching the first Felguard, Illidan decloaks and recruits players into assaulting Queen Azshara’s palace.

Players are cloaked by Illidan to bypass the countless waves of Felguards and Doomguards protecting the palace. One by one, the elves and Dreadlords channeling the fel crystals powering up the portals are slain, isolating the palace’s perimeter from more incoming of demons. The satyr boss encounter begins. Kinda easy. Just move away from the void zone on the ground.

Illidan departs to do his thing solo, and leaves us to clear up the ramp toward Queen Azshara by ourselves.

Players won’t fight Azshara directly except for interrupting her aweful puppet spell which mind controls everyone. If not interrupted the whole group will be wiped in one shot.

Around four waves of mobs will protect Azshara. After those are dealt with, Azshara calls down Varo’then who hovers above players on his bat mount to carry Azshara away from our reach.

Bronze dragons arrive and players mount them to fly toward the Dragon Soul. The Aspects, Alexstrasza and Ysera plus Soridormi (Nozdormu’s consort) attempt to cleanse the Dragon Soul from the Old gods taint. The shadow magic protecting the Dragon Soul is too much for them, and get knocked back.

Neltharion (Deathwing model as Placeholder) appears and attempts to snatch the Dragon Soul. The proximity to the Dragon Soul starts to tear him apart, and swats him far away. The bronze dragons are slain by waves of Doomguards and players land safely before Malfurion, Illidan and Tyrande.

Waves of demons attack the group, and Illidan goes god-mode — no clue where he got a Vial of the Well of Eternity from at that point.

Players fight Varo’then and Mannoroth, and must stay very close to Illidan most of the time who shields most of the fire damage. After Varo’then’s death you will see his sword drop on the ground. A player must grab the sword and it’s slammed at Mannoroth, who becomes weakened by it. Malfurion casts a spell to siphon all the demons back into the Well of Eternity’s portal, but Illidan points out the very same spell is causing the Well of Eternity to implode too.

Here we see Illidan putting his hand mysteriously into the waters, and Malfurion is curious what he’s doing.

An interesting bug happens at the end. The rays that siphon the demons back into the Twisting Nether starts attacking players. No-no-no … we ain’t demons. We are timetravelers. Ok, run like a sissy. Pity I got killed just a couple of feets from the teleport out. =/

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