Upon completion of The Dark Heart of the Mogu Achievement, Lorewalker Cho sends a letter to your mailbox. The item starts a quest. Return it to Lorewalker Cho at the top of the Moshu’gan Palace in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. It grants 2993 reputation with the Lorewalkers. Cho will reenact The Dark Heart of the Mogu story via a hologram.

This video shows this. Check out afterwards where to find the scrolls to complete this achievement.

The Thunder King

The scroll may be found in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms at the Mistfall Village. – [39.60 – 77.17]

It has been written that when the great Lei Shen first looked upon the lands of the mantid, he did not feel fear, but inspiration.

As he began to unify his people under a single banner and subjugate the other races of Pandaria, he knew that the mantid would never succumb to his authority. They spoke his language: the language of strength. He commanded his slaves to construct the Serpent’s Spine, a magnificent wall that spanned the length of his empire.

It would take many generations to build, but Lei Shen knew how to motivate his subjects. Fear. Fear of the mantid moved mountains, raised armies, secured his empire, and built his wall.


The Lost Dynasty

The scroll is found in Krasarang Wilds at the Pools of Youth — located north of the Ruins of Dojan. The scroll sits against the mogu statue in the northern corner. Coordinates: [50.97 – 31.68]

Even by mogu standards, the reign of Emperor Dojan II was short and brutish. His maniacal drive to finish his father’s work and complete the great purge against the rebellious saurok legions drove him to leave his court in disarray while he set out on a doomed military campaign.

From his perch high on the cliffs overlooking the Krasarang Wilds he oversaw the slow clear-cutting of the jungle, the establishment of Dojanni Dungeons, and the gradual genocide of the saurok race.

What he didn’t expect was for the remains of the saurok fifth and seventh legions to scale the enormity of the cliffs in the dead of night, ambushing his imperial pavillion from the Valley of Four Winds and forcing him over the edge. His body was never found, and the resulting disarray in the capitol left the empire in chaos for over two years while the saurok melted back into the wilds and disappeared …


Spirit Binders

The scroll can be found in the Jade Forest at the Terrace of Ten Thunders — by the ruins near the mesa wall. Coordinates: [42.25 – 17.44]

For many ages, the mogu used flesh as a weapon: warped, bent, and twisted to their malevolent will. But after their failures in creating the saurok race, the mogu sought to create another weapon … this time forged with total obedience.

Their ancient research delivered to them methods of turning flesh to stone, and back again. Lifeless rock could be animated, providing a willing (or unwilling) soul could be captured within.

These dark rituals created the Stoneborn, soldiers of jade and dark magic forged from the living essence of conquered victims. These creations were powerful, terrible to behold, and above all else, one hundred percent loyal to their mogu masters.


Valley of the Emperors

The scroll can be found in Kun-Lai Summit at The Tomb of Conquerors. The Tomb of Conquerors is at the Valley of Emperors — between Peak of Serenity, Mogu’shan Terrace and One Keg. Coordinates: [53.05 – 46.47]

The mogu view their dead as a collection of parts. Souls could be bound to stone for later use. Flesh and blood could be reforged to extend the lives of those loyal to the emperor. To be buried intact was a symbol of great power and respect.

Here lies the Valley of Emperors, the resting grounds of a hundred generations of warlords, kings, and emperors who once ruled this land.

Grave-rob at your own risk!