Cydra reported StarCraft II game director, Dustin Browder was interviewed by Team Liquid.

In this interview Dustin Browder responds his transition from what he developed in other game studios versus Blizzard’s design and quality, his relearning process and experience with other developers since he joined the team.

He was cornered to respond what’s Blizzard’s plans concerning eSports. Pretty much the plan is to organize their own sponsored events and to allow third-party events at the same time. The World of Warcraft eSport Team organizes the World of Warcraft arena events that end with the finals at Blizzcon. That’s the same model to be played with Starcraft II eSports, but they will support third-party competitions too. The interview seems to leave in the air other unannounced aspects. Dustin didn’t answer this particular question. He let Bob Colayco (PR Manager) tackle that one.

This interview also revealed that what we get to see in 2.0 won’t be its final iteration, only their minimum set of features or first phase. Other functionalities and features they are developing or still discussing to implement into will be added through patches before and after Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty ships. This was in response to the question about HLTV. Bob Colayco wanted to point out that usually gets overhauled when there is a new game or new expansion in the horizon — however, once they launch the new that pattern will be a thing of the past. They will continue releasing specific patches in between releases too, sorta like Blizzard’s maintenance schedules done on their World of Warcraft servers.

Though he was not specific, Bob compared 2.0 with how the WoW team releases content patches and teased juicy stuff for Starcraft II in between expansions… huh? Does that make you mind-boggled? Here’s a napkin.