Blizzard released the video demo shown at Blizzcon featuring the Terran race.  It is 681MB at 1280×720 resolution. It uses the Blizzard Downloader. Go download it now.

We’ve just released a StarCraft II gameplay video demonstrating the resourcefulness and sheer grit of the Terran forces. Get ready to see some of the Terrans’ new and improved designs in action as they adapt to and counter their enemies’ strengths and weaknesses.

Download the StarCraft II Terran Gameplay Demonstration video now!


The first thing you notice in the Terran Video demonstration is how beautiful the tileset is.  Grass seems to move with the wind, and shadows. The scene starts with a Command Center, Barracks and Factory hovering across the field.  They rotate in mid-air before landing.  Buildings move faster than then used to in the original Starcraft.  Command Centers carry five SCVs which you can deploy upon landing, for easy expansion of your base.—- 1500 HP

Factory and Barrack share addons by ordering them to lift off and land to switch.  By landing the Barrack on a Tech Lab, you get access to upgrades such as:

  • Research Stim Packs
  • Research U-238 Shells
  • Research Combat Shield
  • Research Flare
  • Research Caduceous Reactor

When a Factory uses the Techlab you can build:

  • Viking
  • Siege Tank
  • Cobra

The Reactor Addon doubles the production capacity of buildings. In short, you can see on the Barrack UI two units trained at once, and leaving the Barrack in duos (at a pace of two units at a time).