The single player mission “Mining Your Own Business” in planet Redstone III is one of the most fun maps due to the special effects and mechanics.  You must mine a certain amount of minerals while getting assaulted by the zerg and evading the lava.  This is a lava world.  Send your SCVs to mine from the yellow minerals down the ramp.  However, when the Adjutant warns everyone to leave the perimeter and to move up the ramp—you should do so immediately. You have a a few seconds to do so.

The lava can be seen far down below the canyon, however—the lava will rise in real-time all the way up to the ramp. Anything caught by the lava is instantly destroyed.  Wait until the lava subsides back down the canyon.  On another note, this mission is given by Gabriel Tosh—who we will find in the upcoming Starcraft: Ghost Spectres (Pocket Books, 2010) and Starcraft: Ghost Academy (Tokyopop, 2010).

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