The Starcraft II Team wants your feedback. For January Topic of the Month, Blizzard wishes fans to answer the following questions. Your feedback is very important in the development process of Starcraft II.

Please answer each question, and be detailed.

Blizzard has a tradition of supporting competitive play. We have seen our games thrive to become popular eSports titles played in leagues worldwide. For StarCraft II we would like to continue in this spirit and offer you an enjoyable experience as a spectator, shoutcaster or participant in tournaments. We’d like to hear your opinion on eSports!

eSports Questions for Fans:

  • 1. How do you experience eSports?
  • 2. What should a game offer to make it a good eSports game?
  • 3. What would you like to see in StarCraft II to enhance the eSports experience?
  • 4. What features would you like to see on an official Starcraft 2 eSport website similar to WoW Armory?
  • 5. Additional Feedback you would like to give

Each StarCraft II fansite will be featuring different types of questions, so be sure to also visit those sites. All of this feedback will be compiled and sent to the dev team and I.

Submit your answers here. Or via email.

Note: Fansites have direct access with Karune (Blizzard RTS Community Manager). All your answers and concerns for Starcraft 2 and eSports will be forwarded.