Blizzard has unleashed the Ghosts of the Past cinematic teaser that will make every StarCraft II fan so excited they will be heading to the midnight launch with excitement begging for a copy.

The unlocked content at the Dominion page has reached its 100%, unveiling this cinematic.

The cinematic starts with the broken New Gettysburg billboard on the ground. Suddenly materializes the ghosts of the past as Jim Raynor remembers in his mind while drinking at the Cantina and looking at a photo of Sarah, the moment when Sarah Kerrigan is betrayed and left behind by Arcturus Mengsk. The zerg closes in and Sarah finally succumbs.

Matt Horner tries to make Jim Raynor understand the fate of Kerrigan wasn’t his fault.

We see Arcturus Mengsk in the cinematic telling Jim Raynor to leave Tarsonis at once. Jim Raynor shows up in Mengsk’s computer complaining his order to abandon Kerrigan to the Zerg.

Matt Horner reminds Raynor that their revolution is not about vengeance, but about Freedom. Matt invites Raynor to think about it, and to alert them when he’s back to them to lead them.

Next, the cinematic shows us the moment Sarah Kerrigan looks into the sky, and gives up, letting her riffle fall to the ground as Mutalisks descend upon her like a locust swarm.

Raynor embraces his old Mar Sara Marshal badge on his hand, and begins a Rambo-like sequence wearing his guns and stuff.

Suddenly the radar systems pick up a massive Dominion Battlecruiser fleet closing in on them out of warp.

Raynor kicks in with the phrase, now our revolution is about to kick in into overdrive.

The Dominion and the Raynor’s Raiders fight it to the bone. There are some random sequences like Raynor shooting the screen after a anti-Raynor speech by Mengsk.

Valerian Mengsk makes a appearance in the cinematic when Raynor stands face to face with him with a gun aiming Valerian’s face. Valerian instead offers Jim Raynor what he most desires. An alliance between both men is incoming, which means the son will betray the father, as expected since the events which transpired in Christie Golden’s novel StarCraft: The Dark Templar trilogy.

The cinematic is amazing. The Uncertain Future video is a thorough StarCraft II lore narration with a slideshow teaching you the basics of what you need to know before playing the Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty single player this upcoming July 27th, 2010. Go grab your copy, kiddo! Check out the Starcraft II Dominion webpage.

Ghosts of the Past

Emperor Mengsk, we’ve finished analyzing the rogue transmission sent from criminal propagandist Michael Liberty to wanted terrorist Jim Raynor.

Oddly, the only information contained within was a brief message: “Run from your past, and it’ll chase you down even faster.”