As my 8-ball predicted, Blizzard Senior VP of Creative Development Chris Metzen and Blizzard Publishing Lead Micky Neilson were at the San Diego Comic Con 2010 to reveal details of the upcoming World of Warcraft Mini-Series and Graphic Novels.

According to Newsarama, World of Warcraft comic editor Hank Kanalz talked about the first World of Warcraft mini-series titled World of Warcraft: The Curse of the Worgen by Micky Neilson and James Waugh. This mini-series will flesh out the background of the Gilnean werewolf humans cursed with the Worgen state.

On the other hand, the first new World of Warcraft graphic novel by Mike Costa will focus on the Alliance, with some of the mysterious origins of the Worgen.

The second World of Warcraft graphic novel by Doug Wagner will deal with the Horde. Among the concept art revealed at the San Diego Comic Con were orcs, tauren and there seems to be a mockup about a pandaren character. It’s not clear if it is a stand alone mini-series based on the Pandaren. I will see what I can find out.

My 8-ball also hit home with the prediction that Cryptozoic Entertainment would be at the San Diego Comic Con represented by Cory Jones to lay the plans for their upcoming Scourge War TCG expansion in September.

Chris Metzen also talked about the World of Warcraft film.

“Especially in the past month, we’ve been back and forth on a treatment [Sam Raimi]’s been working on…Hopefully, we’ll be moving very very quickly, very soon.” — said Chris Metzen.

The man behind the Warcraft lore is giving us a good sign that the 40-pages treatment mentioned recently by Sam Raimi at the Saturn Awards [in an interview with the Collider] might be getting fleshed out into a more stable script fast enough to get the ball rolling next year on 2011.

Of course, it might just be my fanboy mentality at work here, but at least that “soon” doesn’t have the old-school-Blizzard [tm] attached to it.

The San Diego Comic Con 2010 isn’t over yet as it will run through June 22-25, so I will inform any updates I find online as announcements are made at the show floor.

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