Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime announced a few weeks ago at the Activision Blizzard Conference Call during E3 that StarCraft II Beta would start this summer.  Today, the Gaming Press Sites awakened fans with the news that Blizzard has contacted all of them by email to alert them to set up their account by Friday, June 19th (deadline).  Does this mean beta starts this weekend? A week later?

The answer is not that simple.  No date was provided to the press, but it is exciting to know it is gonna frag everyone any second after June 19th. It is interesting how the news got leaked today, which marks the last day of school classes throughout United States. Something fans should know is that, around last month, the media was invited to visit Blizzard Headquarters this June 22nd.  The OCRegister Blizzard Blog among them.

StarCraft II Beta is imminent.  Are you ready?