Update March 18, 9:40am EST: Several blue posts by Xordiah confirming all these beta keys for friends, and the acknowledgment of an issue with the beta key code plus a work around solution.

Update March 18, 7am EST: Looks like the invites were sent indeed but not in the form of waves. people already playing beta is getting additional keys to invite their friends. However, based on feedback I have gotten via email or PM shows there’s a randomness. People who is not in beta do get emails too. There will be new invites in upcoming weeks, so stay tuned and check your email often. Don’t let your excitement cloud your common sense, however. Remember to be cautious and don’t click links in these emails.

Update 6:00 p.m. EST: After a few hours, I haven’t seen any comments at the official forums either from Blizzard or happy fans confirming Beta 4 wave invitations. No one seems to be celebrating they got in. I reached Vadoff, who sent the news tip. He sent me a copy of the email he got. He confirms the beta key worked. Vadoff remembers he previously emailed Blizzard support about his non-working Blizzcon key some time ago. He’s unsure if this beta invite he received had anything to do with his former support email. It’s a possibility this was an isolated case, and not the awaited wave 4.

Original post

The Starcraft II Beta wave 4 has started, and those who signed to the Blizzard beta opt-in through the Battle.net account page are getting emails from Blizzard. As usual, exercise common sense. This is the season when scammers fake emails that look they are legit from an @Blizzard email address.

Simply copy the Beta Key, and manually type the URL: US.BATTLE.NET/LOGIN or EU.BATTLE.NET/LOGIN to avoid any possible scam, phishing, or malware incident. Once you have logged in to your Battle.net account page, if the Starcraft II game doesn’t show up in the main page, simply press the Add Game button and enter the Beta Key emailed to you. That will enable the game in the front page to access the client download.

Congratulations, and see you in the Koprulu Sector.

Thanks, Vadoff.