The Solid State Drives are the blazing-fastest hard drives nowadays used mainly to store the Windows 7 Operating System for faster OS loads. Most users report the Windows Experience Index for the HDD Data transfer has gone from the usual HDD 5.9 up to a blazing 7.8 out of a max of 7.9. Gorgeous fast!

A WoW player created a video to show how long it takes the SSD in the World of Warcraft load screen and how long for all players, and NPCs around your character to show up in Dalaran versus a normal Hard drive. Both videos are played side-by-side simultaneously. The SSD took 13 seconds to go past the WoW loading screen, and 5 sec to draw all players and NPCs around the character. The normal Hard drive however took 35 seconds to go past the loading screen, and 59.4 sec to draw all players and NPCs. Pretty good performance from the SSD drive.