A couple of days ago, I played through Shadow Labyrinth in Heroic Mode to complete the Quest titled Trial of the Naaru: Strength.  You need to kill Murmur at Shadow Labyrinth (Heroic) to get his essence and Kalitresh’s trident from Coilfang Reservoir: Steamvault (Heroic).

I created a PUG (Pick-up Group) just to see how it would play out for anyone else that attempts a PUG team. And I wanted to test how Druids play out in Heroic mode after the recent Druid changes introduced in the latest patch 2.0.10.  The answer was not so nice.  It took us ten hours to clear the dungeon down to Murmur, possibly due to the Shaman being somewhat undergeared and elemental-specced.  The Druid was holding pretty well, but the lack of support-heals from the Shaman were evident.  Don’t attempt Heroic without two healers: Holy and Resto. At Murmur, it took us at least an hour or longer of trial and error to learn Murmur’s fearsome new abilities.

Some players were replaced as we got near Murmur. And we remained with a Warrior, Mage, Shaman, Hunter, and Priest.  Once the shaman and Hunter left, we replaced them with a second priest and another mage.  Murmur went down.

Read the new abilities of Murmur in Heroic mode.