During the SDCC 2011 World of Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo Swag Show panel, Blizzard licensing product manager Kat Hunter reported they are excited about their new partnership with Mega Bloks. A product line-up will be revealed more in-depth at BlizzCon 2011 between October 21-22.

The first wave of products will come out in 2012. Kat Hunter displayed onscreen a work-in-progress of the StarCraft II Viking Mega Blok. It actually transforms back and forth between flying or land vehicle modes. Could this be a hint of what some of these products are capable of? This product was shown to Blizzard recently by Mega Bloks representatives. Blizzard fell in love with the prototype and the house of ideas started jamming right away with the guys at Mega Bloks the possible line-up of StarCraft II and World of Warcraft units that might be attractive to fans. They decided which products will come out first, and last.

More information will come afloat at BlizzCon, and Kat Hunter revealed there will be a BlizzCon exclusive Mega Blok set of 2000 pieces. I’m not certain if it will be in the Swag Bag or on sale. We will find out as BlizzCon nears and the Swag Bag content is revealed.

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