Eldorian found an interesting news posted in the social networks. Penny Arcade Gabe announced the auction of his Bronze Wolfrider Orc Statue, the same one given to all Blizzard Entertainment employees a few years back. All proceedings of the auction will be donated to Child’s Play.

This Wolfrider statue is very sought by fans due to its rarity, and hey … it’s bronze. So far bids are as high as $1,625. If you think that’s a obscene amount then you should know the Epic Weapons Frostmourne Replica marked # 1 sold out for $20,700 a couple years ago.

If you would love to win this Wolfrider Orc Statue Auction start your bids.

The WETA statue was sculpted by Eden Small and Daniel Cockersell. This statue auctioned by Penny Arcade is marked 536 out of 2986.

I just wanted to post this one more time before the auction ends. You have two days left to bid if you are interested:

Back in 2007 Blizzard gave away a really cool bronze statue to all their employees. It was a smaller version of the massive Orc on a Wolf statue that graces their courtyard. These are really beautiful pieces and very rare obviously. Well one employee actually donated his statue to Child’s Play and it ended up going into our live auction. I actually bid on it from the stage and ended up winning it. In fact we did a comic strip about it right after the dinner.

So I’ve been proudly displaying it in my house for about three years now. This year I decided that it was time someone else got a chance to own this incredible piece. So I’ve gone ahead and re-donated it back to Child’s Play. It’s now up on eBay and ready to be bid on. 100% of the proceeds from the auction will go directly to Child’s Play. So if you are a WOW fan and you want to own a very special piece of Blizzard history, now is your chance.

-Gabe out — Source