Proving Grounds: Bronze Trial

Trial Master Rotun: Welcome to the Proving Grounds. Your first trial will now begin. Defeat each wave of illusions before time runs out.


Trial Master Rotun: Are you ready to begin the trials?

  • Start Basic Damage (Bronze)
  • Start Basic Tank (Bronze)
  • Start Basic Healer (Bronze)

Trial Master Rotun: Welcome to the Proving Grounds. Your first trial will now begin. Defeat each wave of illusions before time runs out.

Note: The Bronze Medal Proving Grounds trial consists of 5 waves. Each wave has a countdown timer which becomes visible beneath the mini-map. Players have 30 seconds to complete a wave.


Wave 1

Trial Master Rotun: This Illusionary Slayer will test your ability to damage your opponent. Do not worry; it cannot harm you.


TIP: Very simple. These illusion doesn’t attack you, and it stands still. Just DPS it. You have 30 seconds to complete Wave 1.


Wave 2

TIP: Two Illusionary Slayer (saurok) spawn. You have 40 seconds to complete Wave 2. It’s very simple. Use AOE abilities combined with single target abilities. I dispatched both within 20 seconds and had another 20 seconds to spare.



Wave 3

Trial Master Rotun: A master of defense, the Illusionary Guardian deflects all attacks from the front. Stay behind it.


TIP: Use AOE abilities to hit all three mobs at once. Kill the Large Illusionary Slayer (saurok) first. It has 526K health. Each Small Illusionary Guardian has 327K health, but you can only damage them standing behind them. If you used AOE abilities while attacking the Large Illusionary Slayer, the two Small Illusionary Guardian had their back facing you and got at least some considerable damage. They should be near half-health by now.


Once the Large Illusionary Slayer dies, both Small Illusionary Guardian will rotate 180 degrees looking toward the center of the room — forcing you to move a few yards to attack behind one of them at a time.


You have 50 seconds to complete Wave 3.


Wave 4

Trial Master Rotun: Illusionary Varmints come in packs, and are harmless. Use attacks that affect multiple opponents to kill them quickly.

TIP: There is a Small Illusionary Guardian with 327K health. Around him are 4 Large Illusionary Varmint with 203K health, in a north, east, west, south position formation surrounding the Small Illusionary Guardian.

In between each of these Large Illusionary Varmint are 4 Small Illusionary Varmint. So that’s a total of 8 Varmint around the mogu.


On the outer circle are two Small Illusionary Varmint a bit outside of AOE range which need to be dealt with separately.

In order to complete Wave 4, position yourself behind the mogu (Small Illusionary Guardian). Start with an AOE to damage all 9 mobs at once. DPS down the mogu, and whenever the AOE cooldown is over continue damaging the 8 varmint. Don’t attack them directly. Let the AOE take care of them.

Move across the circle to kill each of the two varmint which are positioned on the inner edge of the big circle. It might consume a few seconds to walk across the circle diameter.

You have 45 seconds to complete Wave 4.


Wave 5

This is the last wave of the Proving Grounds Damage (Bronze Medal) Trial. It is also the most complex of the Bronze waves.

There are two Small Illusionary Guardians with 327K health. Each positioned in opposite sides on the edge of the circle. On top of that, they are facing toward the center which means you have to walk behind them to be able to do any damage as they are casting that frontal defense force field.

Use a flexible AOE-target-this-area ability — If you are a paladin (Light’s Hammer) or death knight (Death and Decay) over the varmints located at the center (to damage those far away from you while you focus melee DPS on the mogu).

Move now to the center to finish off the two Large Illusionary Varmint and the four Small Illusionary Varmint.

Move behind the remaining Small Illusionary Guardian and dispatch it.

Don’t forget on the outer edge of the circle there is a Small Illusionary Slayer (saurok) with 316K health. By now you might have about 15-25 seconds left to kill it.

You have 1:10 minute (aka 70 seconds) to complete Wave 5.

The player is awarded the Proving Grounds Bronze Trial Achievement.


Trial Master Rotun: Success! Hah, well down. See me for your next trial.


Visit Trial Master Rotun to initiate the Proving Grounds (Silver) Trial.

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