The Horde players get another set of random daily quests at Dominion Point from goblins, taking them to the nearby Bilgewater Beach and Quickchop’s Lumber Farm sub-zones.

Storming the Beach

Rivett Clutchpop: Our lumber supply is being jeopardized by constant attacks from Lion’s Landing.

We’ve been able to keep the attackers at bay, but it’s time to really sho ’em some muscle!

Head down to the coast and start splitting some skulls!


Kill any 10 Shieldwall Forces including SI:7 Saboteurs in and around Bilgewater Beach.


Rivett Clutchpop: Excellent work down there, (name)! That should keep ’em outta our hair for awhile!



Zino “The Shredder” Quickchop: We just filled an order this morning. How could they possibly need more already?!

My team has been workin’ double-time to get these trees chopped and processed.

Problem is we have an infestation of Lion’s Landing troops down here. I already risked my neck once today. I’m not goin’ back out there!

Goob will go with you and help you fill this order. He’s not the brightest, but he can do the heavy liftin’.

Quest Objectives

Gather 9 Pieces of Domination Point Lumber from the Lumber Farm.


Work Order: Lumber

Boss-Lady Trixel: Everyday it’s the same thing! “We’re out of this!”, “We need more of that!”, “Why don’t you ever do anything?!”

I work! I do things! They can be so hurtful! I’m doin’ my best down here!

Oh yea, we need more lumber! Go down and tell that good for nothin’ Zino to get his shredders in gear!


Find Zino “The Shredder” Quickchop in the Lumber Farm.


Zino “The Shredder” Quickchop: Good for nothin’ huh?! I’m busting my rump down here!

Maybe her “uselessness” would like to come down here and haul this lumber herself!


Wanted: Lieutenant Ethan Jacobson

Bounty Board: Wanted for crimes against the Domination Point forces!

Lieutenant Ethan Jacobson is responsible for leading several ground assaults against the Bilgewater lumber operation.

Last spotted occupying an island south of Quickchop’s Lumber Farm.


Destroy Lieutenant Ethan Jacobson in the Southern isles south of Quickchop’s Lumber Farm.


Lieutenant Ethan Jacobson: You won’t survive this game of fetch, (race).


Blood Guard Gro’tash: It’s a good day when another Lion’s Landing leader falls, (class)! Good work!


Universal Remote-Explode

Bixy Buzzsaw: The Mecha-Pounders are really making things difficult down here, but I think I may have the solution!

I made this universal remote for myself, but it looks like I hit a specific frequency that has an useful result!

Apparently this frequency weakens their armor!

Use the remote to take them down a few notches then punch ’em in the face!


Destroy 7 Shieldwall Mecha-Pounders in and around Quickshop’s Lumber Farm.


Bixy Buzzsaw: Good work, (name)! I saw the fireworks from here!

Who knew being a genius was this easy? I don’t even have to try anymore.


Mystery Meatloaf

Duke: We’ve been gettin’ complaints right and left that the Boss-Lady gets all the good grub and leaves the scraps for the others.

Between you and I, they may be onto somethin’ here. I don’t even get to eat as good as she does!

We need somethin’ Sezik can make a lot of that at least attempts to disguise how inedible the food is here …

I got it! Mystery Meatloaf!


Obtain 7 Chunks of Mystery Meat from the local wildlife.


Sezik Steampot: What do ya got for me now?


Sezik Steampot: I have standards ya know! I’m a chef, not a magician!

The only mystery here is how Duke thinks he’ll pull this over on everyone else!


Krasarang Steampot

Duke: The Boss-Lady desires crabs!

Why are you looking at me like that? It’s not uncommon for a classy person, such as her loveliness, to want crab for dinner. What did you think I meant?

There are some big crabs wandering around on Bilgewater Beach that should be suitable for her refined palate.

Bring Sezik the best crab beat you can find!


Obtain 5 chunks of Polluted Viseclaw Meat from the Viseclaw crabs on Bilgewater Beach.


Sezik Steampot: Boss-Lady wants a steampot does she? Well, maybe she should come down here and make it herself!


Sezik Steampot: This meat is disgusting! It’s going to take every spice I have to cover that smell up.

Only the best for the Boss-Lady!

(Sezik grins and winks at you.)


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