Fangoria Entertainment interviewed Michele Morrow concerning her film career. She had roles in ALIAS, The Young and the Restless, Basement Jack, Bled, Slaughterhouse of the Rising Sun, Purgatory House and Ashley’s Ashes — to name a few. In this particular interview, Michele Morrow slipped in her interest in playing a role in the World of Warcraft film and revealed she’s a gamer.

What do you think? Doesn’t she make a cute and perilous blood elf rogue, namely Valeera Sanguinar?

However, as seen in the interview she is interested in the Lady Sylvanas Windrunner role. The interesting part is that Michele Morrow and Ted Raimi were in the film VIDEODOME RENT-O-RAMA (2009) — that is Sam Raimi’s brother. So there is truly a chance she will get away with taking the role she looks forward to play. Either role would fit and be executed perfectly by this actress.

PAT JANKIEWICZ: What else have we seen you in?

MICHELE MORROW: Well, I did BLED, STACKS, SLAUGHTERHOUSE–believe it or not, I did a kids movie after I met the director at the FANGORIA Los Angeles convention two years ago!


MICHELE MORROW: Yeah, it’s called CHARM BRACELET. It’s about a Hannah Montana type girl who moves to the middle of nowhere because she no longer wants to be famous.I play her fun, video game playing older sister. It wasn’t much of s stretch, because as I mentioned, I’m a big ‘Gamer Girl’! I even did a voiceover for G4’s X-PLAY. I’m dying to be in the WORLD OF WARCRAFT movie!