Really hoping the Blizzard folks end their deserved vacation skiing somewhere in Canada or sun-tanning in Bahamas, because we are stuck with some strange things to report when the developers and CMs aren’t posting stuff. [inner scream: help !!! Gimme more internetz newz]

The Scottish Sun newspaper reports that Robert Cushnie, age 42 from Aberdeen, was given an ultimatum from his wife Dee to get rid of his 6-feet Thrall statue or else she would move back to her Canadian homeland sans her husband… (in short it’s me or the statue).

The lady dislikes the statue that towers above her by nearly a foot tall, and she feels scared by it. The couple married on February 2009, and it’s already getting this type of “choose between me or the orc”-type of arguments that usually end in divorce.

Robert acquired this Thrall statue about six years ago when the Falkirk toy shop closed its doors and offered the statue at a bargain price. Now the statue has found a new place to call home in Aberdeen with Michael Thomson, 61, and wife Patricia, 55. , because Robert decided his wife had more importance than Thrall in his life.

When the lady pushed her finger on Thrall’s statue, it said: “Blood and Thunder! Stop Poking me !!!! Are you challenging me? You DISPUTE my honor? Back off whelp!” Considering Thrall is the most powerful shaman of Azeroth, this battle went down quite quick. Thrall probably went low-profile like in that Garrosh battle at the Orgrimmar Arena during the Zombie Invasion world event. The statue found a new adoptive owner in Aberdeen.

We should note in all this drama that both owners are adults of age 42 and 61, rather than under 30 — as one would expect. It tells how wide the World of Warcraft demographics are with fans of all ages. Even my own mother has caught up recently with World of Warcraft at age 59 [with a level 52 Orc hunter] and she’s looking forward to start a troll mage, tauren shaman and a Death Knight.