Well, things didn’t work out as expected. After a year in court, the landlord got away with evicting me and a disable parent after thirteen years living there. Funny thing is we have been paying the full rent since December 2009 ($1,018/mo), and in the past three years we don’t owe the landlord any money; so I am not exactly sure why we are evicted; or how the judge allowed a disable person to get evicted.

Powerful landlords with money to get a lawyer can do some [beep]’ up stuff to you when they can get the law on their side; or pay them beneath the table. It doesn’t matter he is the one with HPD violations on the building — including a damn fissure in the outdoor wall that leaks water into my bedroom every time there’s a storm; and a huge hole on the kitchen ceiling, and the once-or-twice a week river on my bathroom ceiling.

You know, this greedy landlord keeps evicting old tenants to raise the rent, and replaces the old tenants with illegal immigrants from India and middle east. Some of these illegal immigrants live in packs in a single apartment.

This motherless greedy landlord doesn’t care about national security either. As I said a few months ago, one of the suicide-bombers aboard the airplane which crashed into the Twin Towers of New York City lived in the same building as me. The suicide-bomber’s sister still lives there far as I am told. How did that guy even get to live there? That’s right. I blame Mr. Greedy Landlord. Illegal immigrants don’t file complaints about building violations to the city.

Ramblings aside, I will try to get online from a mobile modem I just purchased while I get back on my feet.

If you are a lawyer and live in New York, and wish to tackle this motherless landlord, hey ring me one. I got video and photos, and a HPD complaint number.