Today a very lucky and special fan has won one of The Music of Blizzard Entertainment: Echoes of War. Hiroaki Yura (Artistic Director, Producer and Violinist) from Eminence Symphony Orchestra will be pleased to ship the prize to Sunstrider on the Northrend Gateway (Warcraft III).  One thing I am very surprised by is that Eminence didn’t place any country restriction to ship this prize.  The random picked winner is from Bulgaria. Congratulations!

To find out more about Echoes of War, read our recent review that has been spotlighted by the official WoW Site for the past three weeks.

I gathered below a few of the comments from the contest submissions expressing their opinion after listening to the Echoes of War audio samples:

“I like “A Tenuous Pact” best because it is a breathtaking soundtrack, which has gorgeous motives and inspires me. The WarCraft series are my favourite, too, and this soundtrack title reminds me of the time spent playing them.”—Sunstrider @ Northrend (Warcraft III)

“A Tenuous Pact” was my favorite of the four though “The Eternal Conflict” was a strong candidate as well. It was the intensity of the music that just got one in the mood and felt that it was setting a scene of a lot of intensity. I’ve always been a fan of music that felt that it had an intensity/urgency behind it… and this one just gives me that feeling. — Niekon @ Azuremyst (WoW)

“If I really had to pick a favorite, I would choose “The Betrayer and the Sun King”, because it prominently features brass instruments, using very deep, rich, consonant tones and chords, which is something I always like to hear in music. Though, “A Tenuous Pact” would have to be a close second, because it has part of the instrumentation from “A Call to Arms,” which is easily one of the best Blizzard pieces ever made. Also, the opening Tristram chords of “The Eternal Conflict” did send chills down my spine.”—Lachdanan @ Kel’Thuzad (WoW)

“I enjoyed A Tenuous Pact because of the new twist on the classic WoW theme. It manages to capture the WoW feel in a way that better reflects the current expansion, with its use of tension and buildup of epicness.”—Maged @ USEast (Starcraft)