The Starcraft II team is getting hot lately with updates and bios. This time Jim Raynor’s second-in-command Matt Horner is in the spotlight. You can now read his background story at the official Starcraft II website.

We keep seeing Starcraft: Ghost Nova nods here and there. Matt Horner is revealed to have been born in Tyrador IX, son of a minor merchant. Tyrador IX is one of the planets in the Tyrador system used as a resort and tourism hub used by the Old Families and the rich people of Tarsonis for vacation or to send off their children often as a safety haven when problems arised on Tarsonis. In Nova’s case, she was sent to Tyrador IX in a shuttle ship, but she abandoned the ship before launch when she sensed her parents were in danger.

Tyrador IX’s resorts, shops and estates were manned by people who had serious debts with the Old Families and the Confederacy, where they basically worked as slaves to pay off their debts with insane interest. We can see why Matt Horner could join the Sons of Korhal and later Jim Raynor’s team as one who experienced closely injustice and oppression since childhood. You can read Matt Horner bios here.