World of Warcraft: Death Knight launched today and it’s available at major bookstores nationwide such as BORDERS, Barnes & Noble, and other distributors. In case you wonder, yes — these manga stories are canon, and we might get to see some of the stuff in the MMO eventually. Trag Highmountain — who will help us in the Icecrown Citadel encounter — was birthed in the mangas before he was added to the game in patch 3.2. A World of Warcraft: Mage and World of Warcraft: Shaman are on queue for release someday through 2010.

TOKYOPOP and BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT proudly present a whole new “class” of WARCRAFT manga…DEATH KNIGHT!…Thassarian is a loyal Lordaeron solider that longs to be a great hero like his deceased father. Although he possesses immense strength and skill, Thassarian is told that he lacks the spark that all great leaders have to guide men into battle.

So when Prince Arthas calls to arms brave men to sail to Northrend and battle the scourge army, Thassarian sees his chance to prove to others–and himself–that he has what it takes to lead. When Arthas goes missing, Thassarian bravely searches for him…and unwillingly becomes ensnared in darkness. Led to a mysterious cave, Thassarian is transformed into a Death Knight, a powerful, emotionless pawn of the Lich King who will follow any order, no matter how cruel… Written by Dan Jolley (Warcraft: Legends) and drawn by Rocio Zucchi, this heartrending epic will give Warcraft fans new insight into the Death Knight class!