Well guys. Good news and bad news. Let’s give you the bad news first. Medievaldragon has to humiliate himself and apologize to that despiseab— I mean, awesome dude known as Jace Hall.

The good news … I knew it !!! Jace Hall Show did unveil the Female Monk artwork during his visit to the Diablo III Team offices. And she looks gorgeous with her short hairstyle as described by Bashiok a few months ago.

The first Blizzard scene starts at minute 04:00. The Diablo III team is discussing when suddenly Chris Metzen (Senior Vice President of Creative Design) shows up into the room and everyone gets pissed off shouting Geez. Chris Metzen isn’t very welcome around there. The crowd-breaker.

Metzen: “What in the world? We got a WoW meeting going on upstairs. I need the Gun!

Wilson: I can give two [beep] about World of Warcraft dude. This is Diablo III’s time.

Metzen: What game’s keeping the lights on, BRO? Diablo III? [ROFL that was a cheap shot down below the belt]

Steve Parker (Senior Producer): He wants to use the decision gun.

Jace Hall: I don’t understand.

Metzen: Like … 6 years you guys been building this thing? You know, just give me THE GUN. Thirty developers upstairs.

Jay Wilson unceremoniously removes his pirate hat and throws it on the table toward Chris Metzen and Steve Parker handles the Gun to him.

Chris Metzen dons the pirate hat on his head, and cocks the gun twice in the air and shoots the gun toward the chalkboard across the room landing on the O-Like D2 circle.

Metzen: Take this shot!

04:37 – Holy cow!!! This is PURE EPICNESS, BRO. You have never seen Chris Metzen like this. He should be in the flipping World of Warcraft film as an actor. Awesomeness!!!

While everyone is loud about Metzen hitting the bullseye, he quickly takes advantage of this distraction to retreat with the Pirate hat and the decision gun like if he had hit the Sprint button in real life, leaving the Diablo III room.

Everyone is pissed off again, and Jay Wilson goes bananas yelling This is my project, I want my [beep] hat back.

04:50 – One of the developers points his finger toward Jace Hall and says: “He’s got a hat.” [uh-ohh]

The second Blizzard scene starts at 06:44 and Jay Wilson shows Jace Hall what we have been waiting for dudes … [drumroll] … three exclusive artworks of the Diablo III Female Monk.