Aleuuhh @ Illidan (Europe) defeated Atramedes all by herself in nigh 42 minutes as a Hunter. She explains how she managed to accomplish this feat, by not using certain Hunter abilities to prevent Atremedes from triggering specific attacks he usually performs on raid players.

Aleuuhh: And so it begins. T11 is now open!

Yes, I used a Hunter instead of my usual Death Knight. Variety is the spice of life! (I don’t think it’s doable yet on my DK. Sulfuras says “maybe?”, but I don’t have Sulfuras. Next tier, it’ll be easily doable with a DK, though.

I extremely sped up that video and cut out huge parts of the fight. The fight took around 41-42 minutes. It’s about repeating the same p1-p2 cycle over and over again. I wiped 2-3 times around 20-30% due to stress/fatigue and messing up (which wouldn’t happen if I was comfortable with the hunter class)

I’m quite bad at the Hunter class and didn’t even keybind my turtle’s cooldowns (I’m having enough trouble managing the class without having to manage that as well). In my opinion, this shouldn’t be hard to pull off by any geared and skilled hunter. It mostly takes tons of patience.

What’s important to know:

  • Intervene can negate a Modulation tick entirely and I found the most practical use was right after every sonic breath since Atramedes casts modulation 100% of the time right after it.
  • Deterrence counters Searing Flames and is exactly on the same cooldown as Searing Flames (2 minutes)
  • You must not have any DoT on Atramedes during air phase (including Piercing Shots) or the sonic breath won’t stop targeting you. Disengage, wait for a sonar bomb to spawn, feign death, wait a sec or two, and you’re safe. That’s also why I’m not using Serpent Sting (because of chimera refreshing it)

Rest is pretty much common sense.