Upon completion of Heart of the Mantid Swarm Achievement, Lorewalker Cho sends a letter to your mailbox. The item starts a quest. Return it to Lorewalker Cho at the top of the Moshu’gan Palace in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. It grants 2993 reputation with the Lorewalkers. Cho will reenact Heart of the Mantid Swarm story via a hologram. Watch the video.

Check out afterwards where to find the scrolls to complete this achievement.


The statue can be found in Dread Wastes inside The Amber Vault. It’s a cave within one of the giant trees. The entrance to the Amber Vault can be found at coordinates: [53.73 – 16.08]

Note: Lonely players, or at least those with low health and DPS, should just run for it to click the statue and flee. The Kor’thik Warcallers call for help and nigh the entire room aggroes.

Amber is the cornerstone of mantid society. They use this material in their architecture, their art, and their technology.

Masters of sound, the mantid long ago found a way to use amber to extend the range of their acoustic casting. In this way, they are able to communicate over vast distances. No army has successfully marched on mantid lands undetected, and even lone travellers are urged caution as their movements are no doubt being watched the moment they venture beyond the wall.

The Empress and her council of Klaxxi safeguard the great trees of Townlong Steppes – the “kypari” they are called – as the only source of their precious amber. Legend has it that the kypari once flourished east of the wall, but the mogu cut them all down in their never-ending war against the mantid swarm.


The Empress

The statue can be found in Dread Wastes in the Heart of Fear tree (outdoors). [35.54 -32.40]

The Empress of the mantid is a force to be feared throughout Pandaria. From her, the nearly endless hosts of the mantid are spawned.

Though mantid empresses are long-lived, they are not immortal. A council of mantid elders, known as the Klaxxi, see to teh organized transfer of power from one empress to the next. The exact nature of the exchange is extremely secretive, but it appears to involve a trial by combat. Remains of the previous empress are fed to her successor. For this reason, an unbroken line of power has extended throughout the entire history of the mantid civilization.

Though few in number, the Klaxxi evidently play a pivotal role in shaping and protecting mantid culture. It is unclear if they can directly countermand the will of the Empress, however.


Cycle of the Mantid

The scroll can be found in Dread Wastes at The Clutches of Shek’zeer. [48.39 – 32.93]

Note: The Clutches of Shek’zeer is located west of The Klaxxi’Vess. The scroll is sitting against the mantid banner standard.

Every one hundred years, the mantid young hatch in great numbers. Inevitably the swarm migrates east, devouring everything in their path, until they reach the Serpent’s Spine. There, thousands are slain by the pandaren, just as they were slain by the mogu who first erected the wall.

Pandaren scholars have tried to understand this cycle, but have reached no consensus. Why do the mantid allow so many of their young to be slaughtered, generation after generation? Only the mantid can say for sure.

This cycle has become so predictable that the guardians of the wall plan for it every century. The Shado-Pan, and the mogu before them, know when the swarms will come, and plan their defenses accordingly. As long as the wall continues to stand, there is hope for Pandaria against the seemingly endless swarms of the mantid.


Mantid Society

The statue can be found outdoors in the Dread Wastes at the Kapari Zar. A bit northwest of the Lake of Stars. Coordinates: [59.87 – 55.13]

Mantid assaults on the Serpent’s Spine are a terrible thing to experience. Both as a defender, and as a mantid. Only the smartest, strongest, or most agile of mantid survive this encounter, and pandaren defenders are slaughtered outright in terrible numbers.

Mantid survivors make their way back to the great trees, often bearing trophies of their conquests. There, they are welcomed back into the mantid society, and take their place among their civilization according to the level of their deeds.

The purpose of this rite of passage is unclear, but those who travel beyond the wall are forewarned: any mantid you encounter beyond the wall is a hardened veteran, to be feared and respected.