Eldorian found this breaking news that’s going to wow Diablo III fans. We are counting the hours to unlock the last content of the Diablo III: Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise challenge campaign, but Blizzard Entertainment gave an exclusive behind-the-scenes video to Gamespot of what fans should expect to see once the 100% unlockable video becomes available.

The video that will be unlocked in a few days is totally going to drive fans crazy for the video game. It will show the Angiris Council and the Heavenly Hosts in a way fans never saw coming.


Peter Chung (creator of Aeon Flux) joins Blizzard and Titmouse to create the Diablo III: Wrath animated short — the last unlockable content of the Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise challenge.

The behind-the-scene video featured at Gamespot has Nick Carpenter, Chris Metzen, James Waugh and Chris Prynosk (Titmouse, Inc.) discussing the making of the “Diablo III: Wrath” animated short.

Could you imagine a DVD collection of Diablo III animation? TV series? Films? Looks like Chris Metzen has a dream. I totally want those dreams to come true. Do you?