/takes a deep breath … Games.on.net got ahold of five Cataclysm Beta Keys to giveaway. You have until July 8 to participate.

As for Blizzplanet’s Cataclysm Beta Keys, be patient a shortwhile until Blizzard Entertainment assigns beta keys to all their registered fansites. So stay alert on Blizzplanet and other fansites.

From past experience, you might see gaming networks giving beta keys at some point. We will post links once those are active to benefit our visitors from such knowledge.

With the WoW: Cataclysm beta going live in recent weeks, we thought a few of the games.on.net readers might want a piece of the action. After a midnight meeting with Blizzard, where we offered up the soul of our firstborn, we’ve managed to extract five beta keys to this extensive overhaul of the world’s most successful MMORPG. But you need to prove you deserve it!

To win, you must:
1.) Tell us a tale of your most heroic WoW moment, in 100 words or less. Use the comment section of this news post.

2.) Post a link to your character in the WoW armory, so we can suss out just how serious you are about your WoW playing. Put this alongside your heroic tale.

3.) You’ll be interviewed after a few weeks of play, so you can share your experience with the games.on.net community. If you don’t want to write replies to a few questions, please don’t apply for a beta key.

You’ve got until midnight, Thursday the 8th of July to prove that you’re worthy. The top five entries will be notified via PM shortly thereafter. Until then, keep on raidin