Nethaera created a new forum (Seat of Knowledge: Fan Fiction) for talented fans who love to practice and share with others great stories based on World of Warcraft NPCs, races and factions.

If you are wondering who is one of the handsome-devils responsible for such a treat then — Sean Copeland tweeted: “What’s that? You folks wanted a place for your fan fiction to be on a Blizzard site? WISH GRANTED. ;)”

Nethaera: What’s this? A new forum just for posting your Warcraft inspired stories? That’s right, you asked for it and now you’ve got it. We hope you have your creative juices flowing because now is the time to share just what it is that’s been crawling through your brain and itching to be be shared beyond the confines of your skull. Those voices you hear? Those are your own characters or interpretations of the world (of Warcraft) whispering in your ear and begging to be set free upon your fellows.

Now that you have the platform, we hope you’ll rise to the challenge (and perhaps future challenges) and show us (and the rest of the community) just what you’re made of (in the literary sense).

Let the writing BEGIN!