Epic Weapons is now officially taking pre-orders of the World of Warcraft Lifesize Doomhammer Replica. It will be unveiled at BlizzCon 2011 for those who wish to have a close look at this product engineered by Nick Carpenter, Blizzard Entertainment Vice-President of Art and Cinematic Development.

The replica is slated to ship around Christmas 2011. It weighs a whooping 18 pounds — that’s two more than the Frostmourne Sword Replica.

BlizzCon 2011 attendees will have the opportunity to see the Doomhammer Replica upclose at the Epic Weapons booth.

Disclaimer: No Alliance players were harmed during testing of its material. Mistreatment or non-use of Gnomes during testing is not guaranteed.

It’s not confirmed, but Epic Weapons might auction the Doomhammer Replica marked # 1. Back on April 2008, Epic Weapons auctioned the Frostmourne Replica # 1 — and it was sold for a staggering $20,700 bid by Italian player Xeophonix. The Auction closed with 1012 bidders clashing to take home the prize.

Additionally, Epic Weapons declined to confirm or deny when I approached them a few weeks ago after their Facebook page mysteriously linked to the Diablo III Facebook. Epic Weapons only links to Facebook pages of Licenses they have acquired. A Diablo III Weapon Replica doesn’t sound too far-fetched.


Through blood the weapon shall pass, as surely as night begets day,
Until the elements cry unheard, and pride turns to unbridled rage.
The last of the line shall deliver salvation and doom upon his kind.
Honor will be undone and all will be lost, before it is found again.
A stranger will raise the hammer high, and with it justice shall reign.

All of the Doomhammer bloodline’s successors bore this ominous prophecy on their great shoulders, divined long ago by the Blackrock clan’s elder shaman. Yet for generations, these tidings of doom went unfulfilled. The legendary Doomhammer weapon became a standard of pride and honor, its immense black stone as indomitable as the orcs’ fierce spirit.

When the heirloom passed to Orgrim Doomhammer and the mighty orcish Horde rose to power, the weapon met no equal in battle. Innumerable foes suffered its wrath, the warhammer even shattering Sir Anduin Lothar’s fabled rune-etched blade of Stormwind before crushing the human’s skull.

Only too late did Orgrim realize that he was the harbinger of doom prophesied by his clan’s ancestral shaman. Although he had slain the power-hungry Horde warchief Blackhand and many of the depraved warlocks who had destroyed the orcs’ culture, Orgrim’s people were ultimately defeated, and most of them were rounded up in human internment camps to live out their days in shame and lethargy.

The prophecy, however, had not yet run its course. So it was that Orgrim, mortally wounded while fighting to free his people from imprisonment, bestowed the Doomhammer on one who was not of his clan or bloodline: Thrall. Wielding the hammer as a symbol of hope, the young orc liberated his race and rekindled the pride and heritage that the orcs had abandoned as the bloodthirsty Horde.

The image of a wolf was later added onto the Doomhammer to denote Thrall’s hereditary ties to the Frostwolf clan, but little else has changed about the weapon. Through war and peace, the hammer has remained at Thrall’s side, an embodiment of his race’s strength as it was in ancient times, and a symbol of doom to the enemies who would dare threaten the orcs’ freedom and honor.


The Doomhammer is made of steel, forged by the masters of Epic Weapons. With more than 30 independent parts, the Doomhammer is finely crafted to bare the authentic look and feel of the Doomhammer as envisioned by its creators. The handle features a 3” grip wrapped in genuine leather. Weighing 18 lbs, the Doomhammer is designed as a collector’s piece, not an item that can be wielded by mere mortals. The hammer head is 7” square, and 10” from side to side. Features the Wolf emblem added by Thrall in World of Warcraft … G2G authentication device and Doomhammer Display Stand sold separately.

SKU: EW-1065 Doomhammer
Dimension: 22 x 10 x 7
Weight: 18 lbs
MSRP: $289.95
Distributor Price: $199.95
Available: Christmas, 2011