Epic Weapons is the developer of the Frostmourne Replica Sword limited edition which claimed the souls of many Warcraft fans and Blizzard Entertainment employees. The auction of the Frostmourne sword replica marked #1 sold out for a staggering $20,700 in April 2008.

Over two years ago, I contacted Epic Weapons to ask if they would make other weapons such as the Ashbringer. There was not much they could tell me, but managed to acknowledge there were some ideas floating around. You can read the 2008 interview here.

The World of Warcraft: The Magazine # 3 by Future US revealed plans to launch a new World of Warcraft weapon replica based on Thrall’s Doomhammer. Details of this new product will be unveiled this upcoming BlizzCon 2011 through October 20-21. So keep an eye sharp for the official announcement there.

During my daily online browsing through everything Blizzard-licensed, in search of news about upcoming licensed products, something caught my attention.

The Epic Weapons facebook page likes the Diablo facebook.

Among Epic Weapons’ current licensed products are: World of Warcraft, Dragon Age III, Dead Space, Alice: Madness Returns, The Borgias, Mass Effect 2, and Assassin’s Creed. They develop weapon replicas based on those licenses.

Doing some connect the dots, I double-checked the Epic Weapons facebook again, and browsed through their list of Likes. The Epic Weapons facebook likes all the facebook pages of those very same licenses. Hmm. And just out of the blue Epic Weapons “likes” the Diablo facebook page.

Are you pondering what I’m pondering, Pinky?

It’s mere speculation. Yet the evidence is stunning.

What could be so epic in Diablo III to get a limited edition replica from Epic Weapons? So far we don’t know much about Diablo III storyline to have a handful of guesses except for each class weapon, including the Barbarian’s.

However, there is one true epic weapon in the Diablo universe that no doubt fans of everything Blizzard and weapon collectors might not wish to miss … and coincidentally there is an upcoming comic book announced by DC Comics Hank Kanalz at the San Diego Comic Con 2011 just a few weeks ago that makes me go: “hmm”.

Diablo: Sword of Justice

The Diablo: Sword of Justice will be a comic book about Tyrael’s sword somehow manifesting sentience. A young kid hears the calling of the sword, and wields it becoming the Avatar of Justice on Sanctuary.

Are Epic Weapons and Blizzard Entertainment planning the launch of a Diablo III weapon replica?

Could it be the fabled sword of Archangel Tyrael? Only time will tell.

Who would love to be the owner of such replica? In the meantime, here’s a napkin for the excess drool.

Below is a video of the Diablo II: Lord of Destruction final cinematic titled “Destruction’s End“. You can see Tyrael throwing his sword toward the Worldstone.

The same scene with Tyrael throwing the sword to the Worldstone is shown in the Diablo III Cinematic Teaser (2007) at 1:26

Visit the official Diablo III website.


Epic Weapons responded the following to Blizzplanet today: “Thank you for your interest. We have no response regarding Diablo III”. However, they confirmed their upcoming attendance to BlizzCon 2011 at the Anaheim Convention Center. As reported, the World of Warcraft The Magazine # 3 revealed details of a Doomhammer Replica designed by Blizzard Entertainment Executive Vice-President of Art and Cinematics Development Nick Carpenter.

A Blizzard Entertainment representative confirmed me recently details of the Doomhammer would be revealed at BlizzCon this year. It’s a matter of time to find out if a Diablo III weapon replica is under development. The Diablo Facebook link listed along with other licensors is kinda a no-brainer.