The recent patch 3.0.2 dubbed Echoes of Doom caused a major bug when pets and mounts went missing from their inventory and pet tab for many days.  Blizzard has hotfixed this issue and the lost items have been mostly returned to players’ characters via mailbox. The following is a message attached to your returned pets & mounts.

Greetings! It looks like a few pets got away from their owners during the excitement of Patch 3.0.2, Echoes of Doom. We guess they got scared off by rumors of the Lich King coming soon!

After you learned to summon them, some of your pets or mounts may have gone into hiding: so we’re returning them to you … If you still know how to summon them, enjoy these items as souvenirs!

There may be a few pets missing, but our GM’s will be happy to find them for you.  Just let us know by sending in a ticket.

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