Planetdiablo reported the release of a Diablo mod titled Median 2006 mod, which has been updated quite a bit and has since it exited its beta stage, now at version 1.14 and still compatible with Patch 1.10 and 1.11 Lord of Destruction. Countless bug fixes and balance changes have been introduced as well.

  • Profession: Cleric replaces Enchanter; upgrade rare items in the cube.
  • Profession: Templar replaces Trader; upgrade jewels in the cube.
  • Pagan Rites replaces Witching Moon; eats nearby corpses and returns life.
  • Added one new runeword, ?Anniversary? to celebrate Median 2?s first year.
  • Added jewel runewords: Dusk Shard and Spikeskull.
  • Added the winner of the Phrozen Keep skill contest as a guest skill.