Bashiok reported the Wizard has gotten a more streamlined naked look — not naked as in naked, but how she looks like without all the gear items. The female Monk got a new haircut and we will see a screenshot update soon. Last week, the Monk skill trees got a huge overhaul. While we were allowed to smell the hot pie, fans didn’t get to see or taste it. But fret not, it means once the Diablo 3 website gets updated there will be some juicy stuff. Now that I think about it, probably some BlizzCast screenies love.

Blizzard Quote:
Bashiok: There was a big push on armor sets in the milestone before the break, which included a new female wizard unarmored look. Also sometimes referred to as a class’ “naked” look. They’re not actually without clothing, but it’s the look of a character when wearing no pieces of armor. – Diablo Facebook

Bashiok: It wasn’t a total rework or anything, these things rarely are. It was essentially a color shift from red to a sort of muted mustard color (which doesn’t sound great but it looks awesome), and then a texture cleanup removing some elements and just letting the whole thing read a lot better. It looks a lot more like an unarmored look now, in my opinion. Before it was a bit busy and … I think you also sort of have to have a very minimal naked look so that upgrades feel that much more “powerful”. If you don’t notice a visual change on the character with a new piece of armor then it’s kind of like, what’s the point? She had too much going on before. Now she looks like… haha, it kind of looks like she’s about to go to the gym. To kill demons.

Also the female monk got a haircut not terribly long ago. She’s looking good. Much closer match to the concepts now. – Source: Forums

Bashiok: The monk skill trees are being fleshed out in high level design concepts and nitty-gritty skill specifics. – Source: Diablo Twitter