Diablo III Community Manager Bashiok offers more insight on the Loot mechanics.  At the gameplay video panel the developers had mentioned that each player will have a random loot table that only each individual can see. However, there is a work around this when you don’t want a specific loot, and wish your party to see the item. (Jump to Post)

Omnicide @ USEast: Say you pick up said item that only you can see and you don’t need it. If you drop it, can your teammates then see it?

Bashiok: Yeah, so right now in a multiplayer game I’ll see my items drop, if I don’t want it or can’t use it I’ll need to pick it up and then drop it at which time everyone can see it. Then I can of course ask in chat if anyone wants it. It’s fairly straight forward, and by no means final, obviously.

To clarify “can’t use” we don’t plan nor have any armor items at the moment that are class specific – although the bonuses and stats may be better suited to a certain class – anyone can pick up any chest/shoulder/leg/etc item and wear it. However, there are some weapons/off-hand items that are class specific.

Yeah, as others have said the current intent to encourage cooperative play (in regards to health globes) is to ensure that they heal everyone in the party when picked up.

But in any case, why wouldn’t the witch doctor be using any of his abilities? Mass confuse, and while everything is busy wailing on each other or attacking your mongrels you sneak in. Or horrify, and while they’re scattered you snag some health.

The witch doctor is a little sneakier though, a little more frail, a little more of a “I’m gonna make you die or kill your friend while I’m all the way over here”. You should probably be doing everything you can to avoid being hit, and you have the tools to do so.

Bosses do not drop health globes while you are fighting them right?

Bashiok: Maybe? Maybe not. Maybe there are other situational/environmental mechanics that would, or would provide assistance in healing up?

Not only will they be forcing players to run in circles like mindless chickens, but they will make hardcore and softcore gameplay harder, slow paced, and over all less attractive.

Bashiok: That’s a lot of conclusions to jump to in a single sentence. Classes will have abilities to help them work through groups of monsters. Obviously health globes are going to be necessary to pick up, and obviously class abilities will exist to help you do so.

And, come on smile, I realize there’s a lot of room for hyperbole since we just announced and a lot of details aren’t out there or just don’t exist, but at least have the ground before you call it a mountain. Rational concerns, complaints, issues, questions, are going to go over way better.

the fact remains that it only takes up space if it’s added onto monster loot tables

Bashiok: Well, it’s not like there’s a hard cap on what a loot table can contain being forced upon us, or that health globes are even associated with loot drops. It can be balanced any way we see fit.

Bottom line, is that we’re simply not going to release a game that is irritating, slow, aggravating, boring, or any of the other adjectives you used. If that means ripping out the health globe system and going a different direction, so be it, but at current it plays and feels fun and engaging.—(Jump to post)