The Diablo III T-shirt Summer Collection has finally launched today adding new t-shirts, a flexfit cap, a wallet, stickers, and keychains.

To celebrate the launch of Diablo III gift yourself, a friend or family member the new line of products.

Diablo III Logo Leather Wallet

Every time you use your credit card or pay in cash you will have fond memories of your Diablo III adventures throughout Sanctuary, the Burning Hells and the High Heavens with the Diablo logo in the interior of this Diablo III Logo leather wallet.

Diablo III Box Art T-shirt

The very same Diablo III Face artwork found in the box art is imprinted over this cool — err, hot Diablo III Box Art T-shirt.

Diablo III Face Keychain

Whenever you open or close the door of your house, car, locker the face of Diablo will haunt your thoughts with the Diablo III Face Keychain.

Diablo III Logo Keychain

Another way to brag about your Diablo III obsession is to hold your Diablo III Logo Keychain. It will help you unlock your most precious treasures.

Diablo III Logo Flexfit Hat

Hurry up and grab your Diablo III Logo Flexfit Hat. These will certainly go like hot bread in the morning at a Bakery. Flexfit means everyone can wear it.

Diablo III Stained Glass Premium T-shirt

This awesome Diablo III Stained Glass Premium T-shirt contains the Stained Glass artwork seen at the Tristram Cathedral in the Diablo III Cinematic Intro. It features Archangel Imperius.

Diablo III Fresh Meat Premium-T-shirt

The Diablo III Fresh Meat Premium T-shirt features an artwork of The Butcher.

Diablo III Tyrael Standing T-shirt

It’s not a Red Bull, but this Diablo III Tyrael Standing T-shirt will give you wings!