AusGamers posted the interview with Jay Wilson held at the Diablo III press event. In this interview Jay Wilson answers the following topics:

  • Constant internet connection
  • Dropout connection outcome
  • Banners teleport you to friend player
  • Lore Books found are seen onscreen by Nearby players
  • Auction House Tutorial a possibility
  • Auction House iPhone app (Maybe)
  • Why implementing the Diablo III Auction House system into WoW would break World of Warcraft
  • Would Blizzard bring Diablo III console to Steam?

AusGamers: Could you elaborate on why you think it would break [World of Warcraft]?

Jay: Well, Diablo is a game based around trading, it always has been, so the best items in the game come from people who trade actively with other players. World of Warcraft is not a game based around trading. The best items in the game come from the Raiding experience. So if you transferred the game over to one where you said “well okay, now we’re going to let people…” well you’d have to take some of the major systems of the game and overhaul them and say “we’re going to let people trade items now”. Well now you’ve taken what used to be the process for the most valuable items and you’ve altered it irrevocably and you changed the core nature of the game – the root of World of Warcraft is it’s not a trading game, it’s more of a progression-based raiding experience. So the two are not directly compatible.