I’ll create a Wizard character in Hardcore mode. Not sure how laggy it might get after changing around some livestream settings. Let’s see if this time I survive beyond level 6.

Update: I deleted the first livestream. In the chat channel, people said they could hear the microphone. I didn’t mean the mic to be on. The mic is in its casing inside the left-earphone, so sound came out scratchy. My second character — shown in this video died at level 6. I had no health potions at the moment. It might be a good idea to buy lots of health potions at the Slaughtered Calf Inn vendor.

The lag was really bad, but it’s not Battle.net’s. The past few days I have noticed terrible lag when I turn on XSplit (live video streaming software) which is in beta. I have tried several settings without success. As soon as I turn off livestreaming, gameplay goes back to glorious normal.

In the middle of the livestream, I remembered I installed Java a few days ago. After uninstalling it, performance got a bit better. I’ll clean up my computer soon with an air blower, and attempt to overclock my Intel Core i7 CPU to see how livestreaming performance goes on my end.

Hopefully, Marva (forum moderator) might be able to livestream until I solve this technical issue.