Here is the list of known issues in the Public Beta. This is by no means a complete list, but covers several of the general issues player will encounter or find during their testing.

Issues that occur in specific places are notated with “Act – Level Area”. The level area is the name of the location you are in. It is displayed above your minimap.


Players cannot log into the Public Beta if they have UAC enabled on Windows 7. The current work around is to fully disable UAC (User Account Control) while playing Diablo III.
Desecrated Enlightened Shrines are not granting the 25% experience bonus.

  • We are currently have many problems with the Public Games feature of Beta. We will be disabling this feature in a coming Beta patch.
  • Text can be cut off while on different screens at different resolutions. The current work-around is to play the game in Windowed mode and to drag the screen to fit the size of your monitor.
  • Clicking on “Remember Account” does not remember your account. Banner System

  • Players cannot join other players who have started an event. For example, if two players start the Skeleton King event and a third player joins the game, the third player cannot join the Skeleton King event until after it is done.
  • Players cannot use a banner to teleport to a player who is not participating in an event started by a party member. For example, if there are three players in a party and player 1 starts the Skeleton King event, players 2 and 3 cannot use their banners to port anywhere even though they are not involved in the Skeleton King event.


Demon Hunter

  • Fan of Knives is not being buffed by increased attack speed nor increased casting speed.
  • The passive skill Brooding has a 5 second-delay buff that is not removed when it is swapped with another passive skill.
  • The passive skill Thrill of the Hunt has a 10 second-delay buff when it is swapped with another passive skill.


  • When holding down Dashing Strike, the player has a chance to get stuck casting the Skill without spending Spirit.


  • Act 1 – New Tristram: The door to Cain’s House remains closed after the portal to get inside his house opens. The portal works correctly, it just appears over a closed door.
  • Act 1 – Old Tristram Road: There is a canyon north of New Tristram that displays a solid red and orange glow. The light does not fill the canyon.


  • Act 1 – The Slaughtered Calf Inn: Leah’s VO plays at inconsistent levels when she says ” “I came back here to rally the militia, but–“.
  • Act 1 – Old Ruins: When Leah opens the gate during the quest “The Legacy of Cain : Go to the Old Tristram Gate”, the lock flies very far off of the gate.
  • Act 1 – Cemetery of the Forsaken: During the quest “A Shattered Crown : Search for Leoric’s Crown in the Cemetery of the Forsaken,” the Matriarch’s Bones event can break if two or more players click on two different Funerary Urns at the same time.
  • Act 1 – Cemetery of the Forsaken: You are able to target the Cemetery Gate that leads to the Fields of Misery after using the Stone of Recall during the quest “The Crown of Mad Leoric : Talk to the Blacksmith”.


  • Some Demon Hunter and Wizard helms are not displaying the correct icon.
  • Some Witch Doctor-specific item affixes misspell the class as “Witchdoctor”.


  • Skeletal Archers deal much more damage than other equivilant Skeleton-type monsters.
  • The lore entry for the Skeleton will not play it’s voice over. The lore entry itself shows up correctly in your Journal.
  • Hydras that are spawned by killing Arcane-affixed Hydras display the name “!!Missing!!”. This will be fixed for launch.


  • We are aware of the several issues players are having using nVidia Optimus machines (hybrid Intel Integrated and nVidia Geforce chips). We are currently working on a fix internally.