The community banded together to take up the challenge set by Blizzard Entertainment to reach a million “Likes” in the official Diablo III Facebook. The challenge lived up through February 7 – June 2, 2011.

Blizzard Entertainment released a concept art and a gameplay screenshot every 25,000 Likes for a total of 18 updates, and giving Blizzplanet and other select fansites the high resolution image version of those released by them at the official Diablo III Facebook page. Some were exclusive to fansites, and never were shown in Facebook.

Blizzplanet has gathered all the images released by Blizzard Entertainment throughout the One Million Likes Diablo III Facebook Challenge.

Some fans have been very verbal in some forum discussions expecting more for the million goal reached recently. Some comparing it with how Activision challenged fans to unlock the Call of Duty: Black Ops gameplay video and developer talk video.

The Diablo III Facebook challenge didn’t yield any surprise videos, but overall Blizzard Entertainment released 49 images including concept art, gameplay screenshots and PvP Battle Arena screenshots.

Note: To view the high resolution version simply hold down the right-button and choose “Open in New Tab”, or click any image to see a medium size.

PS: Which Diablo III image did you like the most, and which disappointed you the most?

I liked the Caldeum guards with their very detailed armor, and the Tomb Viper because it means they might deepen into the lore of the humanoid vipers found in The Claw Viper Temple at the Valley of Snakes in Act II. That’s where you complete the Horadric Staff and The Tainted Sun quests.

The Tomb Viper concept art interest me from a lore point of view because in the whole game the Tomb Viper in specific appeared at the Halls of Vaught — in Nihlathak’s Temple (Act V).

The Tomb Viper doesn’t show up anywhere else in the game but there. The Nihlathak’s Temple was located somewhere in Harrogath (the land of the barbarians) which is currently known as the Arreat Crater after Mount Arreat exploded with the destruction of the worldstone by Tyrael.

So it’s odd to see a Tomb Viper concept art in Diablo III. Did Nihlathak survive? He seems to have delved into demonic magic for some time leading to his betrayal against the Elders of Harrogath, and his participation was pivotal for Baal finally gaining access to the Worldstone. Has he been risen the way King Leoric was risen as the Skeleton King? (tip: he’s the first boss in Diablo III dungeon: Tristram Cathedral)