GDC 2013 – Wyatt Cheng’s Through the Grinder: Refining Diablo III’s Game Systems Panel Video Available

Blizzard Entertainment announced the GDC 2013: Through the Grinder panel has been published to the public in the GDC Vault section. You can watch a video of Wyatt Cheng and another frame shows the live slideshow sync’ed with the video.


Through the Grinder: Refining Diablo III’s Game Systems
by: Wyatt Cheng

The Chapter selection allows you to jump through the video timeline toward a desired topic. Visit the GDC 2013 panel video.

  • Welcome
  • Overview
  • Iteration
  • System 1: Health Recovery
  • Compat Pacing
  • Iteration 1: Potion Dilution
  • Iteration 2: Non-combat Regeneration
  • Iteration 3: Defensive Regeneration
  • Iteration 4: Health Globes
  • Lessons Learned: Health Recovery
  • System 2: Command Input
  • Command Input: “Lost” Clicks
  • Command Input: Animation Structure
  • Command Input: Wizard Skills
  • Iteration 1: Secondary Animation Power
  • Iteration 2: Interrupting Powers
  • Result
  • Iteration 3: Queue
  • Command Queuing Details
  • Command Queuing Rules
  • Command Input Summary
  • Lessons Learned: Command Input
  • System 3: Skill System
  • Starting Point: Traditional D2
  • Skill Runes As Items: Result
  • 10 Runes Become 5
  • Runestone System: Result
  • Lessons Learned: Skill System
  • Recap: Big Picture Lessons
  • Q&A
  • Thank You


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