Blizzard Entertainment released the second patch of Diablo III Friends-&-Family Beta. There are a few significant class and quest bug fixes.

User Interface

The UI for character skills has been greatly improved.

Bug Fixes

  • Breaking News will now properly display when launching the game client.
  • The victory text for completing the Diablo III beta will now only appear after the Skeleton King’s death has fully completed.

  • Monk
    • Fixed an issue with Dashing Strike where casting it would sometimes cause the character to become stuck performing the ability repeatedly, at no resource cost.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed characters to receive the Divine Protection buff without having an Alabaster Runestone socketed in Mantra of Evasion.
  • Wizard
    • Helm icons will now properly display for both male and female characters.

Act 1

  • New Tristam
    • Fixed an issue where the southern gate out of New Tristam would not be open for all characters on the quest “The Fire From the Sky: Talk to Leah Inside the Inn.”
    • Fixed an issue that did not properly remove a character’s waypoints and checkpoints when restarting the beta after killing the Skeleton King while on the quest “Reign of the Black King.”

  • Leoric’s Passage
    • Players will no longer receive error messages when cancelling out of the cutscene for the quest “The Legacy of Cain: Save Deckard Cain.”

  • Chancellor’s Tomb
    • The portal in the Chancellor’s Tomb returning you to the Defiled Crypt is now correctly labeled.

  • The Hidden Cellar
    • Leah has received adequate weapons training and will now properly fire arrows from her bow during this scene, rather than from her feet.