Kaivax: I will probably end up having two (or more) of the same class leveling, since I’ll have a character that I play with my co-workers, and then a different character that I play with family, and then a different character that I play alongside my best friend, etc. — Source

Any more beyond the 18 tiers of items now that Inferno mode was revealed?

Bashiok: We have the actual visual progression looks nailed down, so I guess the direct answer is we’re not looking to make any more beyond those 18. We’re not nailed down on how we’re pacing them because we’re still creating a decent amount of unique armor pieces, which get more bang for the buck being placed around end-game itemization. — Source

Conflicting Inferno Monster Level Information

Bashiok: All monsters in Inferno will be 61, which is probably sufficient, but we’re leaving it open if we need to tweak some higher. — Source

Achievement Examples

Bashiok: "Squish X critters by walking over them.

Dye each piece of your armor a different color. — Source

Diablo III Beta Forums before Beta?

Bashiok: Sooner. Like. Real soon. Most indubitably. They’ll require an active WoW or SC2 license to post, though, since there won’t be a Diablo III beta license yet.

We won’t allow "classic" keys. I think that was probably obvious, though. — Source

Why game CD-key forum restriction instead of Bnet ID?

Bashiok: We have a concept of high-level accounts, but there’s no such thing as an account-wide ID, so to allow people to post we have to have some kind of attachment to a product.

One, because we want there to be some way to actually have a punishment mean something if they’re suspended/banned from the forums they can’t just make a new account and keep breaking whatever rules they want to, but second so we actually have an identity to display which they create in either StarCraft II or World of Warcraft. — Source

Have affixes been "streamlined?"

Bashiok: No, what you saw in the tooltips from gamescom is really just an example and not indicative of what we have planned. Affixes are one of those areas, like weapons and armor, that we’re going to get in as much as we can before the game ships, and then we’ll be adding more afterward. We have pretty much all the basics covered, adds to base stats, adds elemental damage, increases attack and cast speed, and then we have some of the crazier stuff like regenning arcane power on a critical hit, spending fury heals you, extra health from health globes, health globe pickup radius, gold pickup radius … to name a few.

The tooltips from gamescom are more or less indicative of what’s actually implemented in the internal builds right now this second (quite a bit less really), but not of what will be available at release, and certainly not what we plan for down the road. — Source

Any Inferno Items for Hardcore Players?

Bashiok: We don’t have any plans to restrict or change the game difficulty for Hardcore characters.

Surviving the challenges thrown at you by outplaying them is the entire point. Hardcore characters that take on Inferno and survive will be granted cosmetic rewards for their efforts. — Source