EE announced a 1 Week Clearance Sale on several action figures, busts and other 800 merchandise products up to 85% off. Visit the link above and browse down and find the World of Warcraft tag link.

There are only two World of Warcraft action figures included in the Clearance Sale, but it’s worth mentioning nonetheless.

The World of Warcraft Series 5 Lo’Gosh (King Varian Wrynn) is usually $17.99. In this 1 Week Clearance Sale only $ 11.00 (39% Off).

The World of Warcraft Premium Series 1 Action Figure Set includes the following characters:

1x Gnoll Warlord Gangris Riverpaw
1x Tuskarr Tavru Akua

Originally $ 54.19, in this clearance you can obtain it for $34.10 (37% off)