On June 1, 2007 — there were rumors that Gary Whitta was writing sample fiction for a Diablo movie.

Days later — on June 17, 2007, I visited the Legendary Pictures website and noticed something unusual. I posted the Legendary Pictures website had added Diablo among the “Under Development” list.

It was never revealed if this website update was a mistake. Shortly after the news circulated quickly throughout gaming websites, the Legendary Pictures website was edited and “Diablo” was erased from the upcoming films list — as if it never happened.

It’s been nigh five years since both of these headlines hit the internet circles. It’s been all rumors, smokes and mirrors. Nothing ever surfaced out of it.

In the StarCraft film front, the only thing that has come up is an MTV interview where Rob Pardo said if James Cameron wanted to make a StarCraft movie, Blizzard would sign that.

Years go by and we haven’t seen any of these movies on the big screen.

Some fans have tried to create their own fan movies. I was involved in one of such groups a few years ago. Hopefully, “StarCraft Chronicles” (CGI movie) rings a bell. It was to be produced by a croatian StarCraft Legacy/BlizzForums forum member named Kristijan Stuhli (known as Critical.Mechanism).

I was the “StarCraft Chronicles” team recruiter. At some point we had about 100 volunteers from all around the world to make it happen. Sadly, the team fell apart in the initial concept art and 3D model stage without the producer’s commitment.

I posted about StarCraft Chronicles in my brief days as a GosuGamers newsposter.

It was a damn shame to see that project crumble. Among our roster was J.J. Franzen (South Park technology supervisor), an “Everyone’s Hero” (CGI) animator, a StarCraft: Ghost artist, and Julie Loomer (Lucasfilm matte painter) — to name a few.

Fret not. I don’t know when we will see the real deal from Blizzard Entertainment and future partners, but talented fans continuously rise to develop great movies based on their favorite universes.


Diablo Fan Film

Enter producer/director Michael Schaack. I was a bit skeptic when I read this email this morning, until I opened the two YouTube videos and got my mind blown away. If I was a bit sleepy, the excitement woke me up good.

AXIS Seven and Starlight Production teamed up with Michael Schaack to develop a Diablo Fan Film. It has real-life actors and some CGI.

Looks like the film will be based on previous Diablo novels. Including the Diablo: Legacy of Blood by Richard A. Knaak (Reprinted in the Diablo Archive book, 752 pages). That book talks about the armor of Bartuc the Warlord of Blood.

This fan film (teaser), which was inspired by the Diablo novels, was lead by a team sharing the same passion for Diablo. It was not sponsored by any production company and was completely financed by its director (me). Hoping you enjoy it. Join my channel for future updates.

Diablo Fan Film Teasers

Michael Shaack posted a video teaser to keep fans interested in the upcoming debut of the Diablo Fan Film, and another video featuring the Behind-the-Scenes “Diablo Fan Film – The Making Of”.

Producer / Director / Digital Composer / Editor – Michael Schaack (michaelmovie87@hotmail.com)

Co-producers – AXIS SEVEN (https://www.ax-7.com/) Starlight Production (https://www.starlightprod.fr/)

Actor – Yann Salim Abidi Dominique Duche

Scriptwriter – Stephane J-Heska (https://www.jheska.fr/)

Director of photography – Vitalijus Kiselius

CG surpervisor – Amaury Brunet (https://3dba.net/) “Looking for job”

Matte Painter / previs artist / moodboard creator : Rodolphe Parfait

Storyboarder – Vincent Français

Making Of – Frederic Tardieux

Forger – Dominique Duche

Sound Designer / mixing – Quentin Roudil

Music Composer – Andrew Morgan Smith (https://andrewmorgansmith.com/)

Key Grip – Laurent Wallerang

Grip / Electrician – Anthony Schaack, Pierre Bellion, Ansel Arbogast, Christophe Bertaux

Makeup FX – Thibault Franquin

Voice Recorder – Yann Jenny

Narrator / Voice – Olivier Piechaczyk

Additional Visuel Effects – Julien Bartholini, Anthony Schaack, Christophe Bertaux

English Translator – Stella Cuscé

Latin Translator – Abbe Mathieu Siebel

Special Thanks to: Treve Dance Center, Mantas Satkus, Michel Dimmer, Stephane Caboche, CNA Luxembourg, Ken Fitzke, Pierre Alt