Recently, I reported the DC Comics Diablo # 1 by Aaron Williams and artist Joseph Lacroix had shipped to subscribers and became available as a digital download at Comixology. I read mine already.

That day I also announced a giveaway of five comixology digital download DC Comics Diablo # 1. Today I reveal the five lucky winners who will get to read the comic today. Congratulations:


  • muSPK
  • jikiyama
  • Superman
  • Aedror (Scrolls of Lore)
  • Evan.Y

Here’s how it look like when I generate a random winner.

All Participants

I shortened the full name of the winners who didn’t provide a screen name.

1. Nithix
2. muSPK_
3. gamerdudeonline
4. Thunderclaww
5. Doomscream
6. jikiyama
7. Emil.R
8. Don.B
9. John.S (Superman)
10. Nikola.Z
11. Aedror (Scrolls of Lore)
12. Emily.B
13. Evan.Y
14. Harison Jones
15. Kim Roar
16. Jose Maria.A.R.