Crispygamer launched a poll to choose the Best Game of the Decade, sponsored by Kentucky Friend Chicken — crispy — KFC … got it?

Nethaera reached fansites via email to encourage fans to participate. Go-go-go, Community! World of Warcraft is nominated among dozens of games, and is currently one of the contenders in the Semi-Finals. Only you can help crown World of Warcraft through your vote.

World of Warcraft won the Semi-Final Match 2 against Peggle:

Peggle 34% (656 votes)
World of Warcraft 66% (1248 votes)

On Monday, December 7 — World of Warcraft will fight against Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic to win the Chocobo Division. Thus, your votes are very needed.

Once that division is won, World of Warcraft would be ready to reach the finals where your vote will be needed once more to crown World of Warcraft as Best Game of the Decade.

Keep watch for any announcements, the time to vote is not long. We will update tomorrow once vote is open. Stay alert.

Current Semi-Final Contestants:

Koopa Division: Super Smash Brothers Melee vs Shadow of the Colossus
Chocobo Division: World of Warcraft vs Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Alucard Division: Bioshock vs Half-Life 2
Bo Jackson Division: Halo: Combat Evolved vs Left 4 Dead