Screenshot of the Day # 2 features a new World of WarCraft: Cataclysm screenshot showing the most beautiful and nigh realistic landscape yet seen in this game. Blizzard is not just revamping the old World’s geography and landscape of each zone, they are building a new Azeroth with enhanced graphics, and textures.

Take a look at the water and compare it with Ashenvale or Elwynn Forest. You will see a huge difference.

In this screenshot, the water’s waves look realistic. Notice the reflection of the trees on the water. I played Cataclysm for a while at BlizzCon 2009, and my first impression when I saw the ocean water was — “OMG FarCry 2 water in World of Warcraft?”

The fog in the distance looks realistic too with a dark gothic vibe. The engine will no doubt be improved throughout the beta testing, so don’t think this is it. The tree branches do need more work. They still look jaggy, but the scene in general is awesome.

According to Bornakk, this screenshot is from Blasted Lands. Hard to believe, but considering the Night Elves have brought the Worgen as allies into the Alliance, and are teaching them the druidic ways — it’s logical the worgen druids could change the life-drained Blasted Lands.

It was revealed not long ago the Worgen race will have an Alliance base at the Blasted Lands, at the Tainted Scar.

Stay tuned for more official Cataclysm Screenshot of the Day until Beta Servers go online. Maticus and I will make sure to show screenshots and video once we get access to beta.