Campaign Creations (Modding Community) has a contest to giveaway two StarCraft II Beta Keys. These will be redeemed once beta starts officially. Read the giveaway details.

Campaign Creations is proud to present their next contest: The StarCraft Campaign Contest. Your prize pool this time? Third place receives an outstanding StarCraft poster, second place receives the greatly reviewed StarCraft: Novel Trilogy Set, and first place receives an epic copy of StarCraft: The Board Game. Want more!?

Each Winner Will Receive a StarCraft II Beta Key for Him or Herself and a Friend!

That’s right, we’re offering TWO (2) Beta Keys for first, second, and third place each! Thanks to the support of Blizzard Entertainment, they’ve help sponsor this contest officially by offering a pair of beta keys for each winner. Think you can handle the ultimate accomplishment in StarCraft mapping? Then here’s what you have to do:

Contest will be a campaign creation contest, with no limits other than using lore; to present a story as to what occurred four years between the Brood War and StarCraft 2 storyline. It may be portrayed through one, two, or all three of the races. Style can be crafted in any sequence, such as episodes, intertwining, etc. and may revolve around main characters or spin-off fan-created characters. Judgment will be based on ability to portray story via in-game text and triggers, mapping ability, and overall professionalism of the project. Additional extras such as music, vocal work, or artwork adjustment will not directly ultimately affect judgment but may aid in help of a tie, as well as how early you announced your project and how many updates you perform in your thread. The contest will be based off a scoring system, where one can acquire up to ten points based on each criteria: Text (Spelling, Grammar, Formatting, Dialogue, etc), Triggers (Complexity, Functional, Usage), Mapping (Categories: Layout and Beauty), and Professionalism (Attention to detail, lore, updates, and presentation).

You have eight weeks from this day to complete a total package campaign revolving around the StarCraft storyline. Let’s make your vast knowledge in both lore and mapping finally come of good use, and show that YOU deserve those keys! Head on over to our forums and visit the contest subforum to get started!