Blizzcon 2009 - T-Minus One-Day: Thursday

5:41pm PDT: Seems I misunderstood Eldorian.  Told him I would rather spend the next couple of hours updating you guys.  I will start uploading stuff shortly, and writing up a summary of what went down over at the Blizzard campus.

5:30pm PDT: It’s been a fun day with all the fansites invited by Blizzard Entertainment.  All those with press badges had the chance to visit the campus in Irvine.  We witnessed a powerpoint presentation led by Bashiok and Karune.

Bashiok played Diablo 3 in a huge theather screen showing off the male wizard and the female witch doctor.  I will have some short updates about it once I come from some commitments.  Eldorian is waiting me right now at his room to hang out. There is a party organized by where everyone seems to be heading to at the Annabelle Hotel.

I do have photos from the outdoors of Blizzard, and the cafeteria. We couldn’t take photos or record anything at the presentation sadly.  However, it was very cool to see some Diablo 3 gameplay and some of the plans Blizzard has in store for fansites.

All fansites will have a official logo to place on the corner of the website … for example: Official Starcraft Fan Site.  Same for WoW, Warcraft, Diablo 3 and the big interrogative which was not answered … Official Fan Site.  huh? Hmm …

So from what little bits we could get from the Blizzard folks something big about will be announced between 3:30-4:30pm on Friday.  The lack of WoW content in the presentation, and some master dodging of questions by Nethaera points by guess to a new expansion. Gosh, is it hard to get anything from Nethaera … lol. Such a tease.

Some bit that is unconfirmed by funnily answered when I asked if there would be a new Diablo 3 class reveal—there was a lot of dodging that question, but in murmur I heard a—- maaaaybe. So let’s see what tomorrow brings from Mike Morhaime at the presentation, and subsequent panels.

For now, Eldorian updated our Twitter with some stuff. I think he uploaded some photos of his Goody Bag.

Or so I thought.  I will upload those when I get back.

Are you excited?

I will try to upload some of the images later tonight. Need to jet.

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